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Petrol Management

Petrol Station - Gas Station - Petrol Pump Management Software Solution:

Petrol station management software is an organized software to handle all process & procedures of any petrol/ gas stations. This package is designed and fabricated in accordance with the survey and case studies conducted by our professionals in various petrol pump outlets & headed by an expert providing ERP solutions for major pumping stations. The software is highly efficient, compactly packed, which takes care of the minutest details for the organized and systematic management of your petrol pump outlet. This specially designed and professionally crafted software helps you to keep your petrol pump organized, systematic and simple at your finger tip.

The detailed summarized description of the software is as follows. It has been designed with the help of the people having more than 10 to15 years of experience in managing petrol pumps.




  • Sale: Sale voucher entry
  • Purchase: Purchase voucher entry
  • Sale Return: Sale return voucher entry
  • Purchase Return: Purchase return entry
  • Payment: Payment voucher entry viz. payments made to sundry creditors
  • Receipt: Receipt voucher entry viz. payments made to sundry debtors
  • Journal: Journal voucher entry viz. simple transaction between two accounts
  • Contra: Contra Voucher Entry viz. bank-to-bank transaction
  • Debit Note: Debit note entry
  • Credit Note: Credit note entry


  • Balance Sheet: Shows the financial status of the business within the financial year
  • Trial Balance: Displays the net balance of the parties.
  • Profit and Loss Account: Displays the profit and loss account

Accounts Reports

  • Daybook: Daily transaction display
  • Ledger: Displays the total transactions and balance amount
  • Sale Register: Displays the sales between two dates
  • Purchase Register: Displays the purchases made between two dates
  • Journal Register: Displays the journal entries
  • Contra Register: Displays the contra entries
  • Total Sale On Shift Basis: Displays total sale on shift basis
  • Total Sale On Particular Date: Displays total sale on a particular date
  • Machine Wise Total Sale On Shift Basis And Date Basis: Displays total sale for a particular machine on shift and date basis

Inventory Reports

Meter Details

  • Shift Wise: Details of the sale with meter reading
  • On A Particular Date - Details of the sale with meter reading for a particular date
  • Sub Menu: "Tank Details"
  • On a particular date
  • On shift wise

Vehicle Details


Sale Details

  • On shift basis/ On a particular date
  • Machine wise total sale - On a particular date/ On shift basis


  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Repair Database
  • Manage Database: Compact the database
  • User Creation

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